'Full Contact Dice' battling at it's best.

Usually, an attacker rolls their dice, a defender does likewise and damge is dealt accordingly.

In Masters of Gettown, the attacker throws their dice in to the arena and the defender gets to hurl their own at them while they both blast each other with hi-tech weapons.

Meet The Combatants

Since the guild of mercenaries opened its doors to interstellar applicants, their entrants grow more and more unique.
Masters of sustained fire and point blank encounters, take cover from them or else...
No one knows why the guild of pyro troopers has returned to Gettown after such a long hiatus but now we find two of their number in our midst.
No where is safe from these Masters of immolation.
After what happened last year, we are glad to see C.O.G. back with more suitable entrants.
Masters of luck and impairment, these two bring both variety and balance.
Just because they heal you, doesn't mean they like you.
Even so, its nice to see the guild of tech priests sending in two Master healers again this year.
As the first entrants ever accepted from the guild of hackers, we have little to go on.
Noted only as Masters of doubled denial, players beware these powerful newcomers.
This year the guild of assassins sends two of its finest in search of the title.
Masters of picking off the strong and the weak alike, nobody is safe.
You never see anyone from the guild of witches coming, especially at night.
These Masters of the black arts have been sent by the guild of witches to haunt our nightmares.
As is their customary right since the first ever tournament, the shape shifter guild once again fields two of its number.
Masters of mind and body, they already know you, insides and out.